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Guppylodge has been around since 2005, selling champion fancy guppies internationally. Shipping in bulk for stockist is not an issue but to ship 2 or 3 pairs of guppies for hobbyist were a big challenge. Casualties were high, thus costs of replacement and refund went up and the business became unsustainable. With great sadness, in 2015, we stopped shipping our guppies internationally. We thanks all our guppy fan who had supported us for the pass 10 years and with great sincerity, please accept our apologies for not been able to serve you with zero casualty.

After 3 years of long break, we decided to restart our business. Instead of selling guppies, we would be helping people make the best gifting choices with a selection of fun and technologically driven products to serve the growing demand of the constantly shifting millennial generation.

The products we offer aim to improve the quality of lives of people by offering smart innovative products and gadgets.

You can expect products of high quality with versatile functions that will change the way you live - smart, efficient and joyful. Is all about catering to your needs.

Not forgetting our guppy fan, we will do our best to source for products and designs filled with guppy theme or animal themes.

Thank you.

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