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Ordering Policies

Minimum order

Two pairs or two trios. Can be a combination of any two strains or a pair and a trio.

Prices are subject to change at any time to reflect the presently quality of the guppies.

A pair refers to one male guppy and one female guppy.

A trio refers to one male guppy and two female guppies

Method of Payment

We accept payment by PayPal & T/T.

Acceptance Mark


Fish will be sent upon receipt of full payment inclusive of all necessary shipping costs.

For countries needing a Customs Health Certificate please contact us for additional cost information.

Live Delivery Guarantees

The guppies are selected and quarantined for at least three days for purging before shipment. Immediate deliveries can be arrange.

If the guppies arrive in good condition which is the norm, it is advisable to adopt the following procedures to condition the fishes:-

  • Upon arrival, remove the pack from the box and float it on a 2 ft tank half filled with clean water for 10 to 15 minutes, so as to conditioned the guppies to your water temperature.
  • Open the pack and pour equal amount of water into the pack and tie up. Float on the same 2 ft tank half filled with clean water for 5 to 10 minutes so as to conditioned the guppies to your water quality
  • Add and dissolved quarter tea spoon of salt into the tank and gently release the guppies into the tank.
  • Next day, top up the tank with clean water.
  • Feed the guppies with small amount of food, if possible starts with baby live brine shrimp, if not, your regular guppies flake foods.
  • Thereafter, feed the guppies as per your own feeding program.

Should there be any DOA (Death On Arrival), prove of photos must be email to me within 24 hours of arrival.

We will replace the guppy/guppies within the next 5 to 7 working days or on next delivery order.

All guppies are guaranteed live delivery. You only pay for the reshipping cost.

We will not be responsible for any non delivery caused by natural disaster or the kind, terrorism, wrong information or address given by buyer, negligence by shipping or courier company or of any reason held by destination country's custom.

Freight Charges

All freight charges must be sent together with payment.

An Airwaybill number will be email to you upon shipping so you can trace you shipment.


All guppies are packed in oxygenated high-density PE bags.


Our Disclaimer

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At any time, may make changes, additions, and deletions to the information, documents and related graphics or photos on this web site.

All guppies and other products shown in our web site had already being sold, thus guppies and other products ship will not be 100% look the same.


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